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Welcome to Amaranth Academy of Magic - A Harry Potter RPG, a place where Harry Potter fans can come together and roleplay in a world of fantasy, excitement and adventure. My name is Meggz, and I'm an 18-year old high school student from Canada. I love to draw(mostly japanese anime), write, read, and-of course-roleplay ~.^

The roleplaying takes place on EZboard, and to roleplay you must have an account. To sign up with EZboard, click here.


08/08/04 I finally finished off School Rules today! I also added some new forums on the Board, including "Cailean", the closest wizarding village to the school, and "Edmonton", where roleplayers can post if their characters are in Edmonton, Alberta. Both are under "Outside AAM." I have also added a "Basic Information" section. All information that can't be found on the site will be posted here. I'm adding new things to the site almost every day, so make sure to stay updated!
Posting will begin in a few days. I will be emailing all members to let them know when they can post.

08/01/04 Rules, FAQ and Houses are up. Most of the Ezboard work is finished, though I still have to figure out how to get a banner. Was accepted to both the Schools of Magic Webring and the Harry Potter fans webring. I'm currently still looking for affies though.
The site is pretty well ready to go :)

07/14/04 Renovated the webpage, did a hell of a lot of work on the EZboard. Still have to put up the Rules, FAQ, and the Houses.

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