A strat!

Stratomaster I call myself Stratomaster.

If you know anything about electric guitars, then you've already got a pretty good idea of where I'm coming from. This site will cover some interesting ground, with a special focus on electric guitars.

If you look at the bottom of this page, you'll see three different pictures (buttons). Each one will bring you to a different subsection of the Stratomaster Home Page. Each button is dedicated to a special interest of mine. Hopefully, each one of these will become special interests of YOURS as well.

The first button on the left (yeah, the one with the pretty woman) leads to a section which is pretty special to me. Catfish Comics gave me the honor of hosting their INFAMA HOME PAGE. In case you're wondering who INFAMA is, she's a character who has appeared in SINNAMON. She'll have her own comic coming out this summer. To learn more, just click on her.

The middle button leads to a section which is dedicated to a Toronto-area rock band. In case you hadn't guessed, they're called "The Blue Suburbans" (duh!). I'm pretty excited about this section because the band members are working closely with me to make it happen.

And when it comes to getting me excited, there isn't anything quite like being caught up in the throes of GUITAR LUST, baby! Yeah, that's the final button. Click on it for guitars, guitars, and more guitars! Do I have to say more?

September 14/98 update

We've just added the Catfish Chronology to our site! It's a quick history of the Catfish Universe! Click on the "Catfish Timeline" button below!

September 9/98 Update!

Some more stuff for the Infama Page, plus we add a poll to Guitar Lust: tell us the make of your FAVE guitar!

June 27/98 Update!

The Infama Page gets some new scans PLUS a page dedicated to the character named PUTTA! Just check out "The Latest News" for details!

June 24/98 Update!

Guitar Lust drools over those wild guitar designs of the 1980s!

May 30/98 Update!

The Infama Page gets a News section - plus new scans!

May 26 Update!

Yet another Guitar Lust update, of special interest to Gibson fans! The Blue Suburban Gig List is updated!

May 10/98 Update!

The Guitar Lust area has been updated! Read about the Stratomaster's very own guitar, plus a book review! Ooo baby!

April 13/98 Update(s)!

Rock on! The Blue Suburbans give us an update on their Jam Nite. If the Stratomaster could play as good as he lusts (after guitars, that is), he'd be there himself!

March 28/98 Update!

Even more stuff on the Blue Suburbans, including a list of upcoming gigs! We're really rolling now, baby!

March 22/98 Update!

New stuff on the Blue Suburbans! The band members are identified! Pat Furlan speaks and reveals the history of the band!

[Infama!] [Blue Suburbans!] [Guitar Lust]

[Catfish Chronology]

Email me at stratomaster@geocities.com.

Thanks to those of you who've sent me messages already! It's cool to see that my effort is hitting a chord with people out there! Rock on!!!

Blue Suburban lead guitarist Pat Furlan gives new meaning to the phrase "hot licks".

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