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Britt and Rolo are very busy little jacks.  They have been learning agility since they were one year old and compete in Agility Association of Canada (AAC), and North American Dog Agility Council (NADAC) trials.

They are also members of the Alberta
Jack Russell Terrier Club (AJRTC) and
compete in many events, including
racing, lure coursing, and go-to-ground.
Britt has reached the Masters level
with the AAC and holds three titles,Agility Dog of Canada(ADC), Veteran Advanced Agility Dog of Canada (VAADC) and Veteran Masters Dog of Canada (VMADC).

Britt is now 9 years old and is
finding competition more and more stressful, so she is now semi retired.
She enjoys playing at fun days, and still attends the occasional trial.
Rolo competes at the Masters level with the AAC and holds his ADC, SGDC,  AADC, AGDC , MADC and Expert Standard Bronze titles.  He has gained almost all the Novice titles with NADAC, including the Outstanding and Versatility Awards.
He also holds two Alberta Jack Russell
Terrier Club titles, Champion Racing
and Champion Agility, and a Jack Russell Terrier Club of Canada,
Trial Working Certificate for artificial
earth (go-to-ground).
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