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Fun Facts:
Britt - SADC, VAADC,
is female, she loves to chase and retrieve tennis balls, and play hide and seek with her ball.   She loves hugs and kisses, but can sometimes be a little grumpy.
Rolo - ADC, SGDC, VAADC, VAGDC, VMADC, AJRTChA, AJRTChR -  is male, he loves to run (turbo terrier).  He loves squeaky toys, and old knotted socks. He loves to sleep inside the bed, and doesn't like to get up in the morning.
Rolo has learned how to sit up and beg, roll over,  play dead, shake a paw and speak.  He knows all his basic, and agility commands. He competes at the Masters level with the AAC. He also loves lure coursing, racing and tracking.  Rolo is Racing Champion in his size class at AJRTC and JRTCC events in Alberta and has so far been unbeaten.  He is a very sweet little boy.
Britt can lie down, roll over, spin, sit up and wave, shake hands, weave through my legs, and retrieve anything that is thrown for her.  She loves agility and is now competing at the
Masters level with the
Agility Association of
Canada (AAC).
Meet Britt and Rolo, two Jack Russell Terriers, who get a lot of attention, because they are so cute.

and Rolo live in Alberta, Canada, with their mum and dad, big sister and small cousin.  They enjoy playing with their big friend Rupert, the Chocolate Lab. and going for long walks together in the park. They all like to play in the snow when it is not too cold.   They love to chase cats, magpies, squirrels and rabbits.  They also like to chase skateboarders, rollerbladers and bicycles, if they get the chance!

birthday is July 31, 1999, and Rolo'sbirthday is August 18, 2000.
Walks in the park
Rides in the car
Chasing tennis balls
Tissue paper
Hugs and Kisses
Barking at nothing
Going to the vet
Having toenails clipped
Winter Coats
Britt doesn't like big dogs
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