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Stevia Canada (caution - one person reported in an email that Stevia Canada has been glacial in responding to requests or questions - Aug 2004)
CarbStop (Canadian but in US$) -- (caution - one person emailed me claiming that Pasano syrups have had a problem with incorrect carb counts in past)
Low Carb Marketplace (NOW ON-LINE summer 2004)
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An anonymous email says:



Lynne Curle wrote about these products:
"I saw the previous posting that someone found ross chocolates at a shoppers drug mart in Forest Lawn and so I checked the shoppers downtown in TD square and they all of the varieties there too. As well as the cavalier brand and a couple of other different sugar free chocolate bars even. They also carry the Atkins advantage bars and the Atkins Endulge peanut butter cups (yum!)"

Deborah Durda wrote:
"I found some great tasting dryish type pepperoni's they are by Schneiders and are called European Style Sausage and come in 500g bag. Some of the big Wal-Marts carry them and Superstore in NW Calgary just started carrying them and if you by 2 packs they are 11.98 for both. Total Carbs are 1.9 gr pr 2 sticks and this product does not need to be refrigerated so you can keep at your desk for a quick snack. Very tasty." La Velle Goodwin emailed about the following products:
- Ross chocolate bars at the Shoppers Drug Mart in Forest Lawn in Calgary. They taste just like regular fine chocolate but they are sweetened with maltitol. YUM! between 1 and 3.3 grams net carbs!

Renee Richardson has found the following products:
- Healing Alternatives (Heritage and McLeod Trail) has the Atkins syrup at 12.99 a bottle but I have also seen it in the Community Natural Health Food store (right across from Chinook station) for 8.69. Community has less selection at the moment (Raspberry) but it's quite a big difference in price. I have not checked the Community store that is located near downtown Calgary (yet).

Brenda Hill wrote to tell me about her LC store:
"Good morning,
Jodi Brilling referred me to you. We are a retail store in Calgary, Alberta, specializing in Low Carb and No Sugar Added products.
We carry everything from baked low carb bread, tortillaís, low carb cereals/granola, low carb desserts/ice cream products, low carb candy/chocolate varieties, low carb pasta, low carb sauces and dressings, low carb cookies, low carb pancake mixes and syrups, zero carb baking mix, low carb muffin and pizza crust mixes, low carb fruit toppings, low carb not sugar/not starch thickening products, low carb cookbooks, low carb tortilla chips and snack foods, low carb protein bars, and low carb jams and peanut butter.
I would be delighted to chat with you more about our extensive product lines and can always be reached at (403) 685-4010.
Brenda Hill, President

Laura found these products:
Healing Alternatives--Heritage Dr. & Macleod Tr. next to London Drugs
Their stock seems to change weekly but some products I've seen are:
- Atkins bars, shake mixes, bake mix, syrups
- Atkins bread/muffin/pancake mixes; EAS carb controlled shakes
- LowCarb Success Flax-O-Meal Cherry Nutrageous Granola and Strawberry & Cream hot cereal
- SF Twist
- low-carb pasta & sauces
- flax, xanthan gum, guar gum, TVP, vitamins
Also, The Vitamin Farm--3rd Flr. TD Square carries some Keto products

Michele Davis found these low-carb products:
- Oscar Syrups at Bear Mountain Coffee in Southcentre Mall
- sugar-free ice cream (BRAND?) at Superstore
- sugar-free chocolate (BRAND?) and candy in pharmacy aisle of Superstore
- low-carb flours, soy protein and whey protein at Community Foods health food store
- other sugar-free products at Community Foods
- sugar-free chocolate (BRAND?) at Pudy's

Jodi found these products:
- Diabetic Depot in Calgary had DaVinci syrups, Steel's gourmet, Baja Bob's margarita mix, lots of Keto products including bread mix, cookie mix, pizza mix, pasta...the list goes on, and on. They are working on Expert food products and LaTortilla's. They are located on 37th Street SW in a strip mall. The more product she sells, the more willing she'll be to order other things in. Let's show our support for a low carb store in Calgary.

OKOTOKS (near Calgary)

Suzan has found these low-carb products:
- The Super Drug Mart on Village Avenue sells not only Atkins chocolate bars (Almond Brownie, Peanut Butter and sometimes the coconut one) for $3.99 each CDN, but I found there a low carb chocolate bar (Bavarian chocolate) for $1.19 CDN called Woodies. You can get hazelnut (my favourite) or mint, and the carb count is 5g for 1/2 the bar (a 20g bar). Small but very satisfying.


Marlene Murray wrote about a good store she found:
"The store is called Maximum Nutrition, 13050 St. Albert Trail, Edmonton, Alberta
Can meet all the needs for low carb, Atkins, Steeles etc. etc. Just wanted to share this great place to shop since it is so hard to find a store that carries everything."

Liliana Lupse found:
-Edmonton Tea and Coffee, located at 10561 - 111 street in Edmonton, ph# (780) 424-6886, carries a HUGE variety of Da Vinci's no sugar syrups (from English Toffee - which is very very good, by the way - to Chocolate, Hazelnut, Amoretto, Butter Rum, Strawberry ... you name it and they seem to carry it!)

Michelle Pope found these low-carb products:
- Oscar sugar-free syrups at Amalgamated Coffee Sales at 6720 Yellowhead Trail. They are like Davinci, I think there are 7 or 10 flavours, for $6.50/ 750mL bottle with no tax!
- Ross chocolate bars at Shoppers Drug Mart in Namao (at 97 St and 167 Ave) for $1.49 ea.

UPDATE FROM Terry Peters:
- The Amalgamated Coffee no longer sells the sugar free syrups on Yellowhead trail edmonton.
UPDATE from Lily - "The General Store" in the West Edmonton Mall does NOT carry any food at all.



Len found:
- Atkins bars at Thriftys stores


The Drew family wrote about these products:
-atkins blueberry muffin mix($7.49), atkins banana nut muffin mix($7.49), atkins pancake mix, ($7.49), atkins syrup ($4.99), atkins bars on sale for $2.69 each and peanut butter cups at Fleetwood Safeway.
- Nitrate free bacon at Save-on-foods in North Vancouver brand name hertels $6.19 Karen May found:
- Alive Health Food Stores sells the Atkins bars as well as the Endulge Peanut Butter Cups and the Endulge Caramel Nut Chew bars. They have a number of different low carb protein bars and a wonderful selection of Ross Chocolate bars. (3 gms each)
- Capers sells soy flour in packages and bulk as well as xanthum gum, guar gum, wheat gluten etc.

Rose found:
- London Drugs carries sugar free Cavalier Belgium chocolate bars (made with maltitol), also boxed Belgium chocolate sea-shells. In the same section youíll find sugar free cough syrup, throat drops, and other low-carb/sugar free items.
- Great Canadian Superstore sells sugar free table syrup (and also pork rinds).
- Shoppers Drugmart sells Atkinís protein bars.
- Choices Market in Yaletown carries Atkinís shake mix, Atkinís bake mix, and Advantage protein bars, and Pure De-Lite Chocolate bars. They will also special order items on request.


The Drew family wrote about these products:
- there is a meat shop on 162 street in Surrey called Copernicus and they do not use nitrate or nitrite on any of their meats, bacon, ham etc.

Natascha de la Court found:
- I was surprised to find Atkins Bake Mix and Pure-de lite chocolate bars at Nutrition House in Guildford Mall, Surrey BC $18.99 for Bake Mix and $2.99 per bar.
- Also found Ross Chocolate bars at Shoppers Drug Mart at Surrey Place Mall, Surrey BC at $1.69 each.


Sharon found these in Greater Vancouver/Lower Mainland:
- Some Atkins products were found at local GNC stores and my friendly neighborhood Longevity store.
- I found the ED Smith no sugar added syrup, Midnight Raspberry jam and Apricot jam at London Drugs.
- Ross chocolates (Almond, Supreme, Dark and Mint) are at all lower mainland Alive Health food stores. $1.99 ea.
- Galloways has soy flour. $4.95 for 5 lb bag


Carla found:
"The General Store" in Brentwood Mall in Burnaby BC has a section for Sweet Solutions Confectionery. (It is in the back left corner). They have a whole bunch of sugar free candies made with maltitol, and a whole pile of the Steels Gourmet products...splenda sweetend s/f jams, amazing maple flavoured pancake syrup made with maltitol that has real syrup consistency (two thumbs UP!), sugar free ketchup, BBQ sauce, peanut sauce, hoisin sauce, sugar free coffee syrups, fudge sauces, caramel sauces, and they also carry maltitol crystals ( both white and brown) as well as maltitol syrup.


Patricia Rietveld found:
-I found Atkins bars at the real Canadian superstore for $2.99each, and Low carb chocolate bars for $1.69 & sugar free candies for $2.69 a bag in great fruit flavors and coffee flavors.
-The Save on foods in Delta also has sugar free gummy bears & Sugar free jelly beans...Note * don't eat too many cause it will cause a laxative effect*
-London Drugs also has sugar free syrups and candies & chocolates

Natascha de la Court found:
-And ED Smith No Sugar Added Jams and Maple Syrup at Save On in Delta, BC


Karen May wrote:
"I used to work in a bakery in Coquitlam called the Village Bake Shop, as of Saturday October 18th this bakery has gone 100% low carb! Bread, scones, syrups etc. Lot's more new products to come their information is below."

Village Bake Shop
1041A Ridgeway Ave.
Coquitlam, British Columbia
(604) 937-7955

Karen May found:
- GNC (Lougheed Mall): Atkins Bake Mix, Atkins bars and the Endulge Peanut Butter Cups
- Shoppers Drug Mart: Cavalier and Woodies low carb chocolate bars
- Real Canadian Superstore: Carbolite chocolate bars, sugar free candy
- Real Canadian Superstore has ED Smith Jams and Syrup, Oetker cal reduced mousse ($1.59 pkg) - about 5 gm carbs per serving, Atkins Advantage bars - ($3.00 ea), Bob's Red Mill Flax Meal (high fiber low carb add water and it makes great hot cereal with ED Smith syrup and a bit of cream, almost as good as old fashioned porridge)
- Save On Foods has Biox 3 carb protein bars (also at Alive stores), Western Family No sugar added Ice Cream, Oetker cal reduced mousse


Doug found these products:
- ED Smith no Sugar Syrup at Save On Foods
- Wheat Gluten, Soy Flour, Whey protien, Xanthan Gum, Guar Gum, etc at Springfield Bulk Foods

Judy Shaw found:
- Save On Foods brand sugar-free ice cream


WINNIPEG - Kim Archer writes:
Borowski's Health Foods on St. Anne's Road now carries several lines of low-carb products.



Bonnie Merriam wrote with the low-carb products she finds at her local grocery store:
- E.D. Smith sugar free pancake syrup and jams


- Joni found this LC product:
- boxes of Splenda at Sobey's


ST. JOHN'S - Susan Pynn wrote with the low-carb products she found: (STORE NAME CORRECTED MARCH 19, 2003)
"Hi! I am delighted to say that a store in St. John's, called Whole Health, sells Atkins Products! Up to now they have had Atkins products only sporadically, however, I spoke with the staff there who told me recently that they expect to have 75 different Atkins Products on their shelves by the end of March! Whole Health can be found at the Avalon Mall and attached to Sobey's at Howley Estates."



Jules found the following:
- Great Ocean on Beech st in Halifax has a wide array of low carb foods.
- Life & sport nutrition in the parklane shopping center on spring garden road have a large selection of low carb goodies.
- shoppers drug mart and the superstore carry atkins bars.


Tara found the following:
- GNC carries some low carb items and also the Superstore is now stocking Atkins breads and bagel



Christie D. wrote: Hi, I just opened my own store in Hamilton, Ontario. I am located at 1508 Upper James St. in the Winners/ Mandarin Plaza. We are called Totally Low Carb Health & Diet Centre Inc. and have a vast selection of EVERYTHING low carb has to offer. We intend to have a web page soon, but for now, anyone in the area can drop by or call us at 905-318-0100. We have a full time Certified Health Consultant on staff to answer any health related questions.


Dolly found:
- I buy a all natural sliced bread that is 3 carbs per slice, made with flax and lots of healthy stuff at the Durham Natural Bakery Health Food Store in Scarborough On Markham Road North of Eglinton on the West side, the first lights past Eglinton on Markham. They also have black soy beans and sugar free peanut butter and protein bars and drinks too.
- In the same strip mall is a Deli, which make and smoke their own meats without nitrates or sugar, huge variety of sausages and any meats, Really amazing bacon and sausages. South Markham Road 1 block north of Eglinton on the west side, small strip mall. worth the trip.

Carolyn found:
- Atkins Advantage Bars in the drugstore section of Dominion at Victoria Pk and Danforth. "They cost a bit more than I've found in Health Food stores, but worth the convenience."

Gwen found these products:
"At Dominion (Danforth and Victoria) I found the following:
Sorbee chocolate syrup sweetened with sorbitol or maltitol (can't remember which) - great for kids' chocolate milk or soy milk.
- Sorbee chocolate bars with maltitol
- Sorbee peanut butter cups with maltitol (these were all in the "health section" in a little diabetic corner)
- Master's Choice splenda sweetened Ice tea
- Master's Choice splenda sweetened cranberry cocktail (also other cranberry combinations)
- Artisan three grain bread: 12 gm carb - 2.8 gm fibre = 9.2 gm carbs for 2 slices, making it only 4.6 gm per slice! This is the only low carb of the Artisan breads so don't assume that all of them are low carb; only the three grain.
- At No Frills at Carlaw and Gerrard they have pork rinds in the chip section."

Jane Murray has found:
- Ocean Spray makes Splenda-Sweetened Cranberry juice. I got it at Dominion.
- President's Choice Splenda-sweetened Cranberry and Cran-Raspberry Juice
- President's Choice Calorie-Reduced Instant Hot Chocolate
- Splenda-sweetened Orange Crush and Cream Soda
- Green Giant frozen vegetables (in the small box) are great for a snack (cheesy broccoli, cheesy cauliflower, etc.)
- President's Choice Garlic and Herb skillet shrimp (frozen entree)
- Wasa Crispbread
- Finn-Crisp
- Seen but not tried:Sugar free Maple Syrup

Ivana found:
- Nature's Own brand bread (Sourdough Kamute has 7 g carbs per slice)


Some stuff I found recently:
I have found a small Low Carb section in the local Sobey's in Kanata. Low carb sauces, salad dressing, pasta, pasta sauces, etc.

I just found:
- Oroweat Carb Counting bread at Loblaws (Merivale at Baseline). Nice full loaf, Atkins count of 6 carbs per slice (9g carbs - 3g fibre = 6g efective carbs per slice). There are two kinds - whole wheat and multigrain. Just tried the multigrain so far - it's pretty good. The protein isolate does change the texture somewhat, but overall there is decent flavour and mouth-feel, and it slices and toasts like regular bread.

Cheryl Benger found these products:
- Brown's Your Independent Grocer's stocks Betty Light 80% Whole Wheat Bread (with Pea Hull Fibre Added) No Cholesterol. The nutritional breakdown per 2 slices is a total of 13g Carbs with 5.2 grams Fibre making 2 slices a total of 7.8 grams or one slice 3.9 grams. The bread slices are a nice size.
- IDA drug store in Carleton Place stocks the Atkins bars and peanut butter cups.
- Kardish Health Food Store in Bells Corners has the New Sun Cookies which are Canadian from Burlington. The ones I purchased were good, Whole Bran, 225 grams per box $4.19. No sugar added. Info per 1 Cookie - Carbohydrates total 11 grams, Dietary Fibre is 5.1 grams, Total digestible carbs = 5.9grams
- Kardish also carries some of the Atkins products

Olga Collins wrote about MORE LC products she has found:
- I found an excellent maple flavoured syrop at the Natural Food Pantry at Billings Bridge. Not only is it sugar free, but it is sweetened with stevia. It is the best real maple syrop substitute we have tried. It's produced by a Canadian company called "Northern Harmony".
- The other new product at Natural food Pantry is Atkins endulge peanut butter cups. They taste as good as the real thing. Maybe better.

Olga Collins wrote about the LC products she has found:
I have an item to add to your list. They are called Bowel Buddy Bran Wafers. Don't let the name turn you off. These are yummy low carb cookies which are very high in fibre. Two wafers have 15.19g of total carbs and 11.32g of fibre resulting in 3.87g of digestible carbs, making one cookie less than two grams of carbs. They are sweetened with brown sugar, but the carb count is so low and they do not taste excessively sweet. They are excellent on their own, or with cream cheese with or without strawberries, or any other sliced fruit. I purchased these wafers when I was on a low fat diet, and was delighted that I was able to eat them on a low carb diet. They are especially great since the Atkins Diet is so low in fibre. They can be purchased at many health food and nutritional supplement stores and pharmacies. The best price that I have found is at Wal-Mart in the pharmacy section.

Erika found:
- Davinci SF syrups at Morala Traders at 1320 Bank St.

Jackie Mustill in Orleans found these products:
"A new store has just opened up in Place d'Orleans Shopping Centre, Orleans, Ontario called Nutrition House. I bought myself a couple of Advantage bars at $3.99 each and a couple of delicious chocolate bars called Pure De-lite, low carb imported Pure Belgian Chocolate only 3.2 carbs. some of the flavours are Milk Chocolate with Orange, White Chocolate Caffeine Free..price $2.49. They also sell all kinds of protein powders and one is called Interactive Whey Chocolate flavor 400 grams on sale for $19.99, they even mixed up a sample of it for me to taste before I bought it. I found it nice and creamy."

Here are some low-carb products we have been able to get at our local grocery stores, Loebs and Loblaws:
- President's Choice Peanuts Only peanut butter (thanks to the Darke Family)
- sugar-free, salt-free Kraft peanut butter (blue lid) (any grocery store)
- CINNAMON CRISP COOKIES (PharmaPlus Lincoln Fields)
- Hunt's Juicy Jels made with Splenda (Loebs and Loblaws)
- E.D. Smith jams with Splenda (Loebs and Loblaws)
- Grandad's Pork Rinds (harder to find - made in Quebec)(Loebs)
- Pumpkorn at the independant health food store at Westgate Shopping Centre
- Splenda (can get in any grocery store)
- Diet Orange Crush (made with Splenda) (Loebs)
- Diet Cream Soda Crush (made with Splenda) (Loebs)
- Oetker's Diet Mousse Mix (aspartame, but incredibly good)(Loebs and Loblaws)
- Red Mill vital wheat gluten, soy flour and nut flours (Rainbow Health Foods on Richmond Rd)
- Cavalier brand belgian chocolate made with maltitol (no sugar) (PharmaPlus Lincoln Fields
- Woodies, a tiny, yummy chocolate bar that uses maltitol, come in hazelnut or orange flavours, about 95 cents at (Pharmaplus Lincoln Fields)
- Bel Arte chocolate bars (maltitol) at Karen's Chocolates in Bell's Corners
- in SOME Shoppers Drug Marts and PharmPlus they have Chocoslim and Chocomania chocolate bars
- Voortman sugar free cookies (there are about 6 or 7 different kinds). We've tried the sugar cookies and the chocolate chip cookies and they are not bad. we've found them in Loebs as well as the PharmaPlus at Lincoln Fields.
- GNC at Carlingwood is an official Atkins Product retail site.


Randall Robinson found:
-Loblaws at Wonderland and Southdale: carry Atkins bars and baking mix also they have bbq porkrinds
- Shoppers drugmart on Ernest Ave has a variety of low carb foods and chocolates the Russel Stover Peanut butter cups are really good

Olga Collins wrote about the LC products she has found:
- there is an excellent store for bars and nutritional supplements called Sports Nutrition Depot and it is located on Richmond St.


Theo found these products:
- Zehrs in Cambridge and probably most in Southern Ontario now sell Chapmans sugar-free ice-cream which is sweetened with Maltitol. They also carry E.D. Smiths jam which is made with Sucralose (Splenda in the U.S.A.) which has only 2.4 grams of carbs per teaspoon, Hollywood Thin's bread (their whole wheat style has only 5.5 grams of carbs per slice) and in the bulk section they now carry sugar-free chocolates (also sweetened with Malititol)

Prince Edward Island

Cliff sent this email:
"Hi, I'm a Montrealer who visits PEI quite often.I found that the local bottler on the island,Seamans,makes a product named "Diet Orange with Sucralose" I've included the link below.I've also noticed that all our local IGA's (Sobeys) in Montreal seem to stock the drink.


Best regards and keep up the good work.



Genevieve found these products:
- Second Cup's all over Montreal have Torani's sugar free Vanilla syrup and I found 1 bottle of the sugar free Torani's Raspberry syrup at the Second Cup on the corner of St-Catherine's and Guy Street

Zoe found these products:
- Loblaws's health food section stocks Atkins Bars, several different kinds of sugar free peanut butter, protein shake mixes, flaseed powder, and "Bulk" brand wheat gluten flours and soy nuts. - "Vogel" at Rockland centre and Place Vertu Shopping centre also stocks Atkins bars (along with a pile of other kinds, not all low carb though, so be careful). They're expecting some Atkins pancake mix and pancake syrup soon too.

Cliff found these products:
- Adkins bars(a good selection) at the Loblaws in Brossard,and at the 24 hour Pharmaprix in GREENFIELD PARK.

Anonymous found:
- Atkins bars, Doctor's diet Low-Carb bars, Atkins shake and bake mixes and some 0-carb syrups all available at "The Health Tree" in the Cote St. Luc shopping centre and on St. Jean boulevard in Pointe Claire.

Jim found these products in Montreal:
- Walden Farms Calorie/Carb FREE Chocolate Syrup, Maple Syrup, Ketchup and Barbecue Sauce in the Kosher Section of the IGA on Van Horne in Montreal.


KINDERSLEY - Kim Kopan found these products:
Ocean Spray Cranberry Cocktail sweetened with Sucralose/Splenda Found @ Kindersley Co-op, Extra Foods, Close's Family Foods



What low carb products have you found in your local Canadian grocery store? Let's pool our info!

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