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Happy Birthday to Joey on June 21st!
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>The Aerosmith concert was September 28th! It was great! Want to read more about my experience? Click this way! I should also have some pictures up from the concert, so check back soon!

>Gwen & Steven Tyler sing with Police at the 18th annual Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. It will air on VH1 March 16th, 9 PM ET.

>While flipping through the channels on my TV, I stopped to watch a little bit of Gilmore Girls. I was lucky enough to catch the mom in the show saying, "Yes, I would date Steven Tyler." Ha ha, I would too!

>Steven Tyler is among the presenters scheduled for the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame induction ceremony. The ceremony will take place March 10 at the Waldorf-Astoria Hotel in New York. VH1 will air the show March 16.

>According to Metal Edge magazine, Aerosmith was one of the top seven Band's of the Year for 2002!

>Aerosmith to join Kiss on the road? Rumor has it Kiss and Aerosmith will be touring together this summer.

>Aerosmith got a Grammy Nomination for Girls Of Summer under the best pop performance by duo or group! The show will air Feb. 23rd. Congrats guys!

>Rumor has it the new movie This Thing of Ours features music specially written by Joe Perry. I have also heard something about Steven being in an upcoming movie. To learn more go to

>The guys are in the latest Best Buy commercial!

>According to, the name Steven is Greek & means "crown", Bradley is English & means "from the broad medow", Thomas is Hebrew & means "a twin", they didn't have the meaning of Anthony so I tried Joseph which is Hebrew & means "God shall add (another son)", & the same for our drummer, Joseph. I also decided to look up the names of Steven's kids. Liv is Scandinavian & means "life", Mia is Latin & means "mine", Chelsea is Anglo-Saxon & means "port". Taj wasn't on there.

>According to a section relating to Jam Master Jay's death in Rolling Stone Magazine, Steven Tyler said, "They brought in a whole new kind of music. They were like dockin' the Mayflower-with two turntables and a microphone. He had the biggest smile. We just toured with him-we would play 'Walk This Way' and they would come out on stage, and Jay's wife and kid would watch from the side of the stage. It was a family affair. Boy, is he gonna be missed."

>Steven Tyler won the Rock Star award at the vogue fashion awards!

>According to the MJ Morning show web site a listener e-mailed MJ telling him about her friend who met Steven Tyler and got him to sign her stomach. After Steven signed, she then went to a tatto place immediately to get his autograph tattooed.Click this way to see the tatoo.
If you would like more ^^(A)^^ news, I highly recommend Rock This Way
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These 5 men make up my life, my soul, my world. They are my everything. Aerosmith is like a drug, I've gotten addicted and all I want is more, more, more...
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