Self - Test
.......This is how we make our award level selections. Please be as honest, the only one who see's this is you. It will help you decide which award your applying for, or if you need to make a few changes to your website before you decide to submit your application. Good Luck. Grab a pen and lets go!.

This self test is divided into 3 sections, and the max pts in each sub-category is bracketed.

Section 1 : Maximum points available = 35

1. Loading time (5) (Quicker is always better)
2. First glance (3) (Does it draw attention right away)
3. Layout (7) (entry page, easy reading, use of color, graphics locations,)
4. Theme (5) (Was the topic immediatley recognized)
5. Content (15) (Tons of themed info vs a few links or banners)

Section 2 : Maximum points available = 45

1. Ease of Navigation (10) (Easily identifiable links, buttons, etc)
2. Page Cleanliness (5) (Spacing of clipart, text alignment)
3. Theme (12) (Quality of links to similar themed websites)
4. Useful Links (8) (Links to other sites with similar theme vs non theme)
5. Appeal (5) (Bright, cheery, Would the visitor wish to return)
6. Graphics (5) (Personal artwork, advertising, webpage theme graphics)

Section 3 : Maximum points available = 20

1. Meta tags, Page titles, Alt tags,
2. Overall viewing appeal of page layout, graphics, content, usefulness etc.
3. Credits for borrowed artwork, clipart, text.
4. Copyright info, contact info.

Total Possible points = 100 points

Award Level Categories

1. 4 Aces Award(Gold) 86-99 (No website is ever perfect)
2. 3 Aces (Silver) 61-85
3. 2 Aces Bronze 0-60

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