Why I Am Pro-Life
I admit it... I used to be pro-choice. I never had an abortion, but I went along with the idea that somehow being pro-choice was being pro-woman.

So what changed me? Well, having a baby of my own, feeling her kicking inside of me, and watching her heartbeat on the ultrasounds, made me think about how cruel abortion is. I wondered what could drive a woman to want to kill her innocent little unborn baby? But I was still pro-choice, even though I began to think of abortion as wrong.

What really convinced me though was reading some articles in the news. I read msn news everyday, and in an unrelated article, it made a reference to the fact that Bernard Nathanson (one of the main people who fought to get abortion legalized) had lied about the amount of women who died due to illegal abortion. He said it was 10,000 every year. In 1972, the year before abortion was legal, there were really only 32 reported deaths of women due to illegal abortion.
The whole legalization of abortion was based on a lie. That made me angry.

  The final straw was when I read an article in the news, about scientific evidence that
unborn babies feel pain more intensly than adults. Their pain receptors develop very, very early on, but the mechanisms that cause the dulling of pain don't develop until much later. Did you know unborn babies respond to touch at only 6 weeks after conception? Abortion is extremely painful for babies. It's torture. This completely shocked me. I found an article that discussed it more in depth. It was after reading that article that I became convinced that abortion is a horrible, painful form of child abuse that needs to end.

I became more interested in the subject, and read the testemonies of ex-abortionists, nurses, women who have had abortions, and abortion survivors (yes, some people survive abortion). Often the child survivors suffer their whole life with physical problems, such as missing limbs, due to the abortion attempt on their life. The women and the doctors involved in abortions often suffer emotionally over time. Here are some of the best articles I've seen on these topics (don't worry, no gory photos):
A girl's journal entries in which she writes in detail about her abortion and the days afterward, wishing for her son to be back in her womb. (Very sad story... brought me to tears)

"What the Nurse Saw" - a temp nurse describes the horror of partial-birth abortion

"Meet the Abortion Providers" - The personal stories of 6 abortion doctors, and why they became pro-life. Joy Davis's story was the most shocking to me.

"Survivors of Abortion" - several stories of children and adults who survived abortion

"Pain of the Unborn" - the article I mentioned above, that changed me from being prochoice to being prolife.

"Safe Haven - A Place for Healing from the Trauma of Abortion" - women and men sharing their stories of the regret and trauma they experienced due to abortion

"Abortion and the Unborn Baby: The Painful Truth"

To give you another perspective on why abortion is so wrong, just imagine this: A man walks into a hospital nursery, and sees a newborn premie baby. He then proceeds to rip off her legs, and as she's screaming, he rips off her arms, then bashes her little skull in. If that happened, it would be all over the news, as a completely horrifying murder. However, the exact same thing is happening in women's wombs in abortion clinics, hidden from view. Little premie babies are being painfully dismembered or burned to death by saline solution. They're never given a chance to see the world, to be cuddled in their mother's arms, to grow old and have children of their own. They're never even given a chance to have pain medication before they're torn to pieces. Even animals being slaughtered for food, have more rights than that. And there's no need for any of this killing. People are waiting for years for the chance to adopt a baby. People are looking internationally to find a baby to adopt. Why on earth, a woman would choose to kill the precious little premie baby in her womb, when there are thousands of loving homes available, is beyond comprehension. Abortion is beyond comprehension. It's beyond child abuse. It's beyond torture. It's the murder of a child.
"How are they dead unless they were first alive?"  -De Anima
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