One of the most wonderful experiences in the world is feeling your child kick for the first time. Pregnancy is such an exciting time! You get to think of baby names, watch ultrasounds, have a baby shower, shop for little clothes, and watch your body change. Plus, you get to be the center of attention in your family for 9 whole months! If you are already pregnant, Congratulations!!! :-)
If you are trying, or don't know if you're pregnant yet, here are some signs of pregnancy you can look for.
Signs You Might Be Pregnant
1. Nauseousness or vomiting, which can be at any time of the day. Not everyone vomits from morning sickness. I didn't, luckily.
2. Aversions to certain foods that you used to like. (For instance, I could not eat Chinese food throughout my entire pregnancy, even though I normally like it).
3. Tenderness or soreness of the breasts.
4. A missed period. You may still get cramps though. I had cramps for a long time. Also, you might see a slight spotting of blood, which is caused by the embryo implanting into the uterus.
5. Mood swings similar to PMS, but stronger.
6. Fatigue. It increases as the pregnancy progresses.
7. Dizzyness/ Lightheadedness
8. Frequent urination
Changes in your Body
During pregnancy your body will go through an amazing amount of changes. Aside from the obvious big belly, here are some of the other changes you can expect: your nipples and areola around them will become darker colored, you'll get a dark vertical line going down your belly, your breasts will become larger, stretch marks will appear on your belly, clear fluid may come out of the breasts, your hands and feet will swell, as well as other changes. Don't worry, all of these changes are temporary. Here are four photos of me, with my growing pregnant belly.
Ultrasounds are such a great invention. Waiting 9 long months to see your baby is a long time. With an ultrasound, you get a little, sneak preview. Plus, it'll help to end any fears that there may be something wrong with the baby. You can usually find out if it will be a boy or a girl, so you can decorate the baby's room ahead of time, and buy the right clothes, and have a pink or blue themed baby shower. The best part of ultrasounds, is seeing your baby's precious little face for the first time.
Here's a very early ultrasound of my daughter at about 6 weeks after conception. She's the solid white and kind of peanut-shaped figure in this ultrasound. The tiny circle above her, that has a white outline and black center is the yolk sac. I could see her little heart beating, when I got this ultrasound. A baby at this age is about an inch in height from her head to her bottom.
Here's a later ultrasound of my daughter, about 3 and a half months after conception. You can see the outline of her head to the left, and her spine to the right. It was a little too early to determine the gender at this point.
Here's a view of her face at about 4 months after conception. At this point I found out she was a girl.
Dangerous Foods During Pregnancy
Here is a list of just a few of the foods you should not eat while you're pregnant. Ask your doctor for a complete list.
Alcohol - I think everyone knows about this. Alcohol causes fetal alcohol syndrome.
Coffee and Tea - The caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage.
Cokes, and other caffeinated beverages - The caffeine increases the risk of miscarriage.
Most Fish - Contains mercury, and shouldn't be eaten by pregnant women or babies.
Certain spices & herbs - Some spices and herbs can harm the unborn baby and possibly cause premature labor. Check ingredients in premade food, to make sure they aren't there. Here's a few of the more commonly know dangerous herbs during pregnancy (ask your doctor for a complete list): aloe vera, caraway, celery seed or oil, cinnamon, sassafras, wild yam, aniseed oil, fennel, lavender, nutmeg, nutmeg oil, parsley, peppermint oil, raspberry leaf, rhubarb, rosemary, roasemary oil, saffron, sage, sage oil, and thyme oil.
Bacon and packaged Lunch meats - Contain Nitrates which are harmful preservatives
Other Things to Avoid During Pregnancy
Roller coasters, bull riding, horseback riding, skiing  and anything else which will shake or vibrate your body roughly, or have a risk of falling.
Foot and ankle massage, can cause premature labor, which is really a shame because when you're pregnant you'll get alot of foot aches. If you hire a masseuse during your pregnancy be sure that they are certified in the massage of pregnant women, so that they know to avoid your feet and belly.
Cat poop. Do not clean the cat litter box! Never garden or touch the dirt where a cat poops, while you're pregnant. Don't eat any vegetables grown in a garden where a cat stays. Don't pet cats. You can develop a serious condition called toxoplasmosis.  It won't really harm you, but it can make your baby have severe vision problems, mental retardation, and all sorts of other problems.
Very Hot baths, Tanning Beds, or Jacuzzis - Especially early in pregnancy, it can cause a miscarriage or make your baby develop Spina Bifida.
Good Things to do During Pregnancy
Take a prenatal vitamin daily. Not only is it good for you, but it certain vitamins and minerals can help prevent pre-eclampsia, and spina bifida.
Swimming is great exercise during pregnancy. It exercises your whole body without straining your joints or having to stand on your feet.
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