"Did you know...?"
Some surprising facts about abortion and the abortion industry.
Did you know... Abortion is the Number ONE cause of death in the United States with 1,359,000 deaths per year. Heart disease is number 2 with 948,000 deaths per year.
Did you know... since the legalization of abortion in the US, one out of every four babies has been killed by it.
Did you know... The holocaust killed 6 million Jews, but abortion in the US since it was legalized has killed 45 million babies.
Did you know... the risk of death for the woman (within one year) is 3.5 times higher from an abortion than from childbirth.
Did you know... having an 1st-trimester abortion can double a woman's risk of breast cancer.
Did you know... a woman's intestines can be sucked out during an abortion
Did you know... Abortion deaths each year outnumber American casualties in every war in history, combined.
Did you know... the manufacturer of the abortion pill RU486, is a subsidary of the same company that invented the gas used by the Nazis to kill the Jews during the Holocaust.
Did you know... the disrespect for life caused by abortion has led to a rise in baby abandonment, and a 500% increase in child abuse.
Did you know... "Roe" from Roe vs. Wade is now pro-life and regrets having made abortion legal.
Did you know... Margaret Sanger, the founder of the abortion provider Planned Parenthood was a racist, and said, "we want to exterminate the Negro population...".
She also said "Eugenic sterilization is an urgent need... we must prevent multiplication of this bad stock."
and said "Birth control must ultimately lead to a cleaner race."
Did you know... unborn babies can feel pain more intensly than adults, since their pain recepting nerves develop early on, but the mechanisms that dull pain don't develop until much later.
Did you know... unborn babies can move to the beat of music they hear, they have REMs showing they dream while sleeping, they can remember sounds, such as their mother's voice and music. Listening to a song they heard before, will make them more likely to move to the beat of it.
Did you know... only 12% of the population in the United States thinks abortion should be legal throughout a woman's pregnancy as the laws are now. The legalization of abortion made by the courts in 1973, doesn't represent what citizens of the United States really want.
Did you know... in the 1960's when those in favor of abortion sought to have it legalized, they said it would be a rare event, for women with deperate circumstances such as rape. However, now only 1% of abortions are done because of rape.
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