Birth Control
Abstinence is really the best form of birth control. But if you're married obviously thats not much of an option. Condoms and diaphrams are really the best options. There are many forms of birth control available, but you may be unaware of how they actually work. Condoms and diaphrams are obvious enough. But how exactly do IUD's, birth control pills, birth control shots, and norplants work? You may be surprised.

Since fertilization occurs in the fallopian tube, not the uterus, it's common knowledge that an IUD (intra uterine device) does not stop fertilization at all. It's not a contraceptive, it's an abortifacient. It works by aborting the newly concieved baby.

But what about birth control pills, shots, and norplant? Because the hormones used in these methods are low compared to when birth control pills were first invented, fertilization occurs very very often. But the pill, shots, or norplant make the uterus hostile to the newly formed baby, and cause a miscarriage, which is simply thought of as a period by the woman taking these forms of birth control.

There's an
article online that explains this more fully. Check it out.
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