I've recently gotten into restoring and digitally repairing old photographs that are faded, creased, cracked, dirtied and generally messed up. It's tedious work at times, but it's quite satisfying to take a faded photograph of someone's mother or grandmother and make it look good as new.

                        Here's a few examples of the work I've done.
This was more like making a whole new picture. The original had been in a billfold for a long, long time. Years, in fact. I'm still not completely happy with it as a finished product, but it is a major impovement.
This one's not done yet. I'm waiting to see what direction the picture's owner wants to go on it.
This was taped in my Grandmother's scrapbook. The colors had faded, but beyond eliminating the tape and fixing the colors, the photo was in good shape. I suppose I could take out the shadow of the antenna across my sister's face, but that would change the picture for me.
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