Tara Keepers
Created on April 25, 2000
Last updated on September 17, 2000.
This site is brand new, so consider this the rough draft.
Please mail me your suggestions on how to make this site better.

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If you requested a Tara item on the All Other Keepers site, please mail me.

Site News and Catalogue of Updates
09.17.00Extremely sorry to be so long between updates, but my summer has been incredibly hectic. Lucky for me there were no new episodes and, since Tara is a new character with a smaller fanbase, I only had a handful of requests to answer.
06.14.00Sorry for the late update, I was out of town for the weekend and swamped with work. I have some time off now, though! I should have some time to do a slight site redesign soon. There have been 100 requests granted on this site!!!Updated the list of keeperships and added code for the Amber Allegiance Webring. Thanks Icelord!
06.04.00Removed the link to Little Willow's Amber interview opportunity. She said she got a lot of great questions. Good job! I can't wait to see the results. I also updated the list of keeperships.
05.29.00Apologies for the update being a day late, but I had to take a day to cool off. Someone has been a bit of a nuisance in the keepeing department. Switching e-mail addies trying to get to keep more things is a HUGE NO-NO. It gets me very annoyed. Sooooooo...in the future, if I catch someone doing this (and most of the time I WILL catch you) ALL keeperships on this site from that person WILL go up for grabs. I mean business. Updated the list of rules to reflect this change in site policy. Updated the list of keeperships.
05.21.00Busy week so not much in the way of updates today. Keepers and links section only. Sorry!
05.14.00 Updated the list of keeperships. Miss Kitty Fantastico is taken!!! Added a link to information of how to ask Amber questions in a fan interview by Little Willow.
05.07.00 Big week for the Plum, lots of stuff going on, so I only got a chance to update the keepership section. Lots of new people added!
05.01.00 Updated the rules and site policy section. Also updated the list of keeperships to reflect both existing claims from the All Other Keepers site (Thanks WillowSlay!) and new claims.
04.25.00 Finally got approval from the Buffy Keeper Network to make an official keeper site for Tara. Those of you who know me know that this is a HUGE day for me.

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