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Welcome, travler! You have reached the home for Nick Carter fan (n. an ardent admirer or enthuisiast) fiction (n. imaginary or created tale) on the web. Fill free to sit back and enjoy the stories availible for your reading pleasure. If you're interested in submiting Backstreet Boys or Aaron Carter fan fiction, I encourage you to email me. I may put up some new sections for such stories, if anyone helps me out by contributing their writing. If you've written any Nick Carter fan fiction, I beg you to check out the submission guidelines. They're really quite simple, but if you have any questions, just email me. I don't mind helping you out if there's confusion or you're having a problem of some sort.

If you are looking for some other Backstreet Boys/Nick Carter web sites, I highly recommend visiting my wicked cool sister sites: S.I.S.T.E.R. S.I.T.E.S. If you'd like to be one of my sister sites, send me an email at! I'll get back to you ASAP.

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This site and all the stories I've written are dedicated to my family (You're all insane, but I love you anyway!), my friends (You guys keep me from becoming disconnected from the world, and I thank you for that. I don't know what I'd do without you.), and most especially to my fellow fans. You guys make this site possible. Not to mention, you make me feel a little less alone in my obsession; I'm the only person I know who needs the Backstreet Boys almost as much as I need air.


I don't know the Backstreet Boys, their management, their families, or anyone associated with them. All fan fiction is just that — fan fiction. Certain events in these stories may have occured, but for the most part they're just fantasies dreamed up by the author(s) with the Backstreet Boys' names and faces glued on the characters.

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