Bye Bye Foot

     This is probably one of the rarist songs I have known of. Called "Bye Bye Foot," this song takes on the appearance of a ballad that has just hooked up with a children's lullabye. Created by Jon, the song has only been played four times since its debut on June 14, 1997 in Dublin, Ireland. Being a rare song among rare songs, there is practically no difference in its sound within each show.
     This song, suprisingly, had its fame only within the summer of 1997. The four shows are closely tied together. You're definately going to have a hard time find this song, because it hasn't been on a single album whatsoever.

Where I end and you begin
I want to find that line
and cross it back and forth
until it's erased
by our footsteps by our footsteps by our footsteps

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