Bundle of Joy

     This is a rare piece also. Debuting on May 11, 1987 in Burlington, Vermont, Bundle of Joy has only been played eight times. This piece has been played within Fluffhead and Harpua, but has been heard in solo form since the late 80's. Written by Trey, the song is a happy tune that offers a ton of optimism towards life.
     Being an early rarity, Bundle of Joy was originally an instrumental piece within Harpua, then switched over to Fluffhead. If you're a hardcore phan of Phish, check out a live version of Fluffhead, and listen to the lyrics very carefully after the "Clod Segment" to hear a band member whisper or mutter the lyrics of Bundle of Joy quietly.' Ok, if you'd like to hear this song, check out the album "Junta," and listen to Fluff's Travels.

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