Buffalo Bill

     This is a rare piece indeed. Written by (you know) Trey and Tom, the song has been played only eight times. It was first played on November 21, 1992 in Stony Brook, New York. Apparently, as stated in the Pharmer's Almanac, there are two stories behind the song. The first relates to Jon, and one of his "backcountry experiences." The second relates to Tom Marshall, and his former boss. You can decide, if you know who and what these things are.
     Being a rare and short piece, Buffalo Bill has been one of the few shockers of Phish. Sounding like a reggae piece, the song has struck fame with the little it has. It has a powerful bass-lead by Mike, a strong lyrical lead by Trey, and a history for being a song with great jamming potential. Being only played a recorded eight times, it has barely been changed.
     Now this is strange. This song has not been put on an album as of yet, but check this out: If you get the album "Hoist," and listen to the track "Riker's Mailbox," a version of Buffalo Bill played in between the song, but you can't hear it unless you PLAY IT BACKWARDS! How cool!

"Looking for owls?" the young man asked
Hoping to lighten the tension
And the scowl he received as his only reply
Made him smile as he relived the mention

And the coward fool walked on alone
Quite proud of the fear he instilled
And later they found him, tied to a log
Bent over and buffalo billed

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