Bittersweet Motel

     Debuting in 1998, this song is a blend of Trey's and Page's musical genius. This seems to be the beginning of a new genre in Phish's style of playing. This emotionally stuffed piece was first brought out on July 21, 1998, in Phoenix, Arizona. This song has just begun its start to fame, being played only 12 times as of the "Big Break." What makes it an even more famous piece is the documentary "Bittersweet Motel," by Todd Phillips.
     The song is the opening for the movie named after it. This song has not had a lot of time to be popular, but it is slowly becoming a star on the list. This is all regardless of the fact that it was only played 7 times in 1998, 3 in 1999, and 2 in 2000. Nonetheless, this song is easily one of the more emotional pieces Phish has played. It's like a ballad. Sorry to say, this piece has not been planted on an album, but if you really want to hear it, go buy "Bittersweet Motel," by Todd Phillips. It's a Must Have!

When the only tool you have is a hammer
Everything looks like a nail
And you're living, at the Bittersweet Motel

Halfway between Erie and Pittsburgh
ou're puttin' me through hell
On the highway, to the Bittersweet Motel

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