Big Ball Jam

     This is another song that I did not existed, but thanks to the Pharmer's Almanac, you can learn about it just as much as I am. Even though it may be unknown to me, this song has been played a total of 99 times as of the "Big Break." The first time it was played was on November 19, 1992, in Colchester, Vermont.
     This song is more of an "audience participation" piece, because the intensity of the song depends on how much fun is made out of the three huge beach balls that are thrown into the audience. Apparantly, the balls control how Trey, Page, and Mike play. "As audience members hit the balls, the musicians play a note; should a fan hold onto a ball, the band members keep jamming until the ball is released back into the air."*
     This song was given a lot of popularity throughout the 1992, 1993, and 1994. However, the song was not played after the fall tour of 1994 because the crowds became too congested and large to withstand the effort of band-audience participation. Being such an elegant jam piece, there was not lead singer. And most unfortunate is the fact that it has not been released on any album. Looks like you're going to start searching for a trade.

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