Billy Breathes

     Written by Trey, the song has a strong sentimental value towards his daughter Eliza. When born in the summer of 1995, Trey gave her the nickname of Billy. The song takes on the form of a lullabye. It was played 50 times before the "Big Break," and the debut performance was on September 27, 1995 in Sacramento, California.
     The song has not gone under many changes since 1995, and that's a fact. Usually, one would expect this piece to be played a great deal, but it was not played any more than 15 times a year going into 1995 and 1996. It was played less so in 1997. Phish happens to play this song every now and then in each of their tours. If you'd like to hear this piece, buy the album, "Billy Breathes." It shouldn't be hard to find.

Tumbling greens a pickup screams
Alone above the square
Who oh sing softly

Above the trees where Billy breathes
We float upon the air
Whoa oh softly sings
sweet songs

Silent scenes emotion beams
I wake you and we're there
Who oh sing softly

Time it seems and broken dreams
To sleep beside the stair
Whoa softly sings sweet songs

Whoa oh softly sing sweet songs

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