Bathtub Gin

     This song is a mix of cool music licks, and inspirational lyrics provided by a good friend (not of me... the band) Suzannah Goodman. Lead with Trey as the singer, this song has been fairly popular among the band and their listeners, being played a total of 152 times before the "Big Break." It was first played on May 26, 1989, in Rutland, Vermont.
     Being a likeable piece, the song was harnessed for its "jam-able" qualities sooner or later. However, this favorable trait was not recognized until a few years later. Before that, the song would just float into a little jam that followed the lyrics, then after a good period of time, the song would take a U-turn back into the theme of the song, then end. Nowadays, it won't go back, but transfer into another jam song, like Tweezer.
If you'd like to take a listen, go get either "Lawnboy," or "Hampton Comes Alive."

Brett is in the bathtub
making soup for the ambassadors
and I am in the hallway
singing to the troubadours

The kings are all lined up
outside the gate
and the autumn bells are ringing
but they'll just have to wait

Where is the joker?
Have you seen him around
with his three coned cap
that he wears like a crown

Have you seen his stripped stockings
and heard his sad tale
about the kids under the carpet
and the purple humpbacked whales

Here come the ambassadors
they show up one by one
Brett is tasting all the soup
to see if it is done

Wendy's on the windowsill
waiting to be let in
and we're all in the bathtub now
making bathtub gin

The kings storm the hallway
they've climbed up through the gate
they didn't mean to be impolite
but they just couldn't wait

Here comes the joker
with his silly grin
he carries a martini
made of bathtub gin

Here comes the joker
we all must laugh
cause we're all in this together
and we love to take a bath.

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