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Gamehendge Story

      This page is about the story of Gamehendge, which is a magical land that we omniciently visit in Trey's, "The Man Who Stepped Into Yesterday." TMWSIY was Trey's senior thesis at Goddard before he graduated in the spring of 1988. It is a number of songs that Phish plays, that if played in the right order, tells the story of a certain individual who goes on a great quest.
The story goes something like this:

      As a prologue to the story, this must be cleared up. There is a portal that two certain individuals have used. The first person to use this portal was Wilson, a evil tyrant, and Colonel Forbin, the protagonist of the story. Wilson came first, then the Colonel, not the other way around.
      Once upon a time, in the mystical land of Gamehendge, there resides the peaceful and very honest people called the "lizards." These Lizards are the type of people that did all the smart things that ordinary people (in our world) did not think of doing. Unfortunately, the race of Lizards is not a very flourishing one. However, the Lizards use something compared to our Bibles, called the Helping Friendly Book (HFB). In this books contains all the information need to become a prosperous, and totally peaceful person. Also inside resides all information concerning the universe. It also has great powers not intended for evil people.
      In this land of lizards is a gigantic mountain called the "rhombus." This so called giant of a mountain is the cause of the "Divided Sky," and thus the beginning of the story. Upon the top of this mountain lives a great and wise old person called "Icculus," who as legend has it, was the creator of the Lizards' HFB. He is considered the God of Lizards. The Division in the sky is necessary for understanding how important Icculus is. A submittion from Jake at Phish.new said, "Division is a key factor for the story because it is the transcending of divisions that lead to the climax, the round, and fluidity of theme in this tale."
      Continuing with the story, there was a portal that was mistakingly found by Wilson, an ignorant individual who took advantage of the Lizards. At first, he was accepted into their community, was trusted as Lizards were known to do for any newcomers, and became a loyal member of thier society. Within the duration of his stay, Wilson gained a vast knowledge of the HFB, and being the arrogant man he was, he used that knowledge to steal the HFB from the Lizrards, which ultimately imprsioned them. Making sure not to let his power's falter, Wilson took the book and placed within a tower, preventing any rebelious forces from retrieving the book. He thus declared himself King of the Lizards. This, of course, did not stand well with the Lizards, and as expected, constant bombardment on the Tower has been taking place to free the book from its imprisonment.

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