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The Band of Phish
The picture can be found on the cover of The Phish Book.

Contact Me
If you guys want to talk to me... whether about Phish and other music, or my common interests, which you can see in the Your Common Phrend page, you can email me by clicking the link below. I'll always respond to messages, and even more so because you phans wrote them. Also, if you'd like to talk to me on AOL Instant Messenger, my sign on is "zuckerpops." Well, peace for now, if i have any updates, I'd put them on the front. You can email me for any of the following topics:

  • Concert Trading
  • Band Info you'd like me to include
  • Advertisements relating to Phish, or bands alike, and
  • Anything you would like me to advertise for you (if I know you well enough :). Thank you.

  • Live At Hampton Coliseum

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