Taking Wine

At a Festive Board, the Worshipful Master was taking wine with the brethren when he noticed that he had drained his glass halfway, he arose and called to the Junior Warden, “Brother Junior Warden, is this glass half empty or half full?”

“Half empty, Worshipful Master.” responded the Junior Warden.

“Brother Senior Warden,” continued the Worshipful Master, “What is your answer?”

“It is half full, Worshipful sir,” answered the Senior Warden.

“Worshipful Brother Immediate Past Master, we should always hear what you have to say.  What is your answer?”

“It is both.” he answered with a wry smile and the Brethren responded heartily.

“Ah-ha, very good.” said the Worshipful Master. 

Noticing the Tyler nodding off in the corner, the Worshipful Master thought he would challenge him and said, “Brother Tyler, what say you to all this?  Is my glass half empty or half full?”

“There is room for more.” he answered.
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