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Koans & Parables
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Peter Gower Brought to Light

Wearing Hiram's Apron

Mirrors and Light

Body of Reality

More Confused Than Before

The Laughing Master

Why Divided?

Tools and Instruments

It Will Pass



Three Cubits

Peter Gower's Square

Be Like a Thief



A Block of Wood

The Celestial Temple

All the Light this Lodge can Bestow

The Gift of Masonry

The Best Piece of Stone

Once in a Lifetime

Angel Watching

Do As I Do

What is Your Light?

Dust and Cobble

How the Temple was Raised

Initiation of a Thief

A Harsh Prescription

A First Lesson

A Teaching Never Given

A Plumbline

I Don't Know

The Original Form

Being Brought to Light

A Strong Man

A Stone Cutter

Peter Gower's Precepts

Not Spoken, Not Heard

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