The Ghost of Hiram Abif

There were two prominent Master Masons of opposite characteristics working on a great cathedral. One was an instructor in geometry and worked diligently at leading a virtuous life. He never drank spirituous beverages and never stopped working as long as there was enough daylight, not even to eat. The other was an instructor in sculpting, and was widely known as a bit of a scoundrel. Whenever he felt like eating, he ate, and when he felt like sleeping in the daytime, he slept.

One day the geometrician visited the sculptor, who was drinking wine and eating bread instead of working.

"Hello, brother," the sculptor greeted him. "Won't you have some bread and wine?"

"I never drink, and I donít eat when I could be working!" exclaimed the geometrician severely.

"You donít drink and you donít stop working to eat? Are you a human being?" asked the sculptor.

"You call me inhuman just because I do not!" exclaimed the geometrician in anger. "Well, if I am not human, then what am I?"

"You must be the ghost of our Grand Master Hiram Abif!"
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