Do As I Do

A well-known Master Mason of his time had worked on several temples and taught in many different lodges.

The last lodge he visited accumulated so many apprentices that he told them he was going to quit teaching entirely. He advised them to disperse and to go wherever they wished. After that no one could find any trace of him.

A year later one of his apprentices discovered him living with some beggars under a bridge. He immediately implored the master to teach him more about Masonry.

"If you can do as I do for even a couple of days, I might," the master replied.

So the apprentice dressed as a beggar and spent a day with the master. The following day one of the beggars died. The master and the apprentice carried the body off at low twelve and buried it on a mountainside. After that they returned to their shelter under the bridge. The master slept soundly the remainder of the night, but the apprentice could not sleep.

When morning came the master said: "We do not have to beg for food today. Our dead friend has left some behind." But the apprentice was unable to eat a single bite of it.

"So, you cannot do as I do." concluded the master. "Get out of here and do not bother me again."
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