Copyright Statements & Submission Guidelines

ZenMasonry is not an official publication of any Masonic or Buddhist organization. The information presented on this site is not intended to present any authoritative position on the intentions, meanings, methods or purposes of any Masonic or Buddhist organization. ZenMasonry only claims to offer an alternative to the "official" and "authoritative" perspectives on Masonic symbolism, allegories and myth.

Many of the works in this collection are adaptations of traditional Zen koans. Variations of those koans can be found in numerous publications of print and electronic media, thus no attempt has been made to credit sources. Should anyone have a complaint that the works on this site infringe on any copyrights, it is asked that the
ZenMasonry webmaster be immediately contacted and informed.  (Be sure to remove "NoSpam" from the email address.)

Other works on this site have been authored by Speculative Freemasons who have either practiced Zen Buddhism or some of its methods. No attempt to distinguish one kind of work from another has been made, and no credits for authorship have been given.  Persons wishing to reproduce and distribute any of the koans, parables, or essays from this site that do not have cited sources may freely do so, and are merely asked to follow their own consciences with regard to citations and references to ZenMasonry. To reproduce and distribute essays on this site that do have cited sources, please contact the sources for their permission.

Persons wishing to contribute works to this site should submit them in a plain text email or a Microsoft Word attachement sent to the
ZenMasonry webmaster, but it must be understood that there is no guarantee of publication. It must also be understood that upon submission all copyrights for koans or parables are waived by the author. In the event of publication, authorship will not be cited for koans and parables, though in some cases authorship for essays may be cited.
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