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This journal will have monthly updates. I will also post updates on interesting events or happening, whenever I can find the time to write them and put them here.


Hannah will be 4 months old on November 5.

Her sleep pattern is much more defined now. She sleeps for two hours in the morning or early afternoon, falling asleep somewhere between 10am and 12pm. She naps again for about two hours in the afternoon, falling asleep somewhere between 3pm and 6pm. She falls asleep for the night anywhere between 8pm and 11pm. She usually sleeps about 6 hours before waking up to be changed and fed.

She can lift up her head now, and can hold her chest up when lying on her stomach, though only for a minute or so. She hasn't been able to roll over yet but she rocks from side to side.

She can laugh now.

She tries to grab things and misses about 70% of the time.

I'm getting ready to take a big exam which will determine how much longer I have until I graduate high school. I hope that I only have about six to eight months left.

As of May 2003 . . .


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