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Sky's Homepage!

Welcome to my homepage!

My name is Sky and my daughter's name is Hannah Jasmine. You can read all about how I became a dad on the "our story" page. That's also where you can find out more about me.

From this page you can access the different sections of my homepage, and find out which parts I have updated recently.

I have a new section which is a collection of links to message boards and discussion groups that I am a member of. If you are a young dad, you should definitely check this list out, some of these groups might be exactly what you are looking for.

Don't forget to email me! My address is skyscannlan@yahoo.com.

Our Story

Web Journal

Photo Album

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May 5 2003 - I've added our latest pictures to the photo album. It's mostly pictures of Hannah. Also, my journal has evolved. I'm now located at Blurty and will try to update more often.

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