As you make you're way out of the gates of the city, this is the first thing you see.  This is one of many Look-Out Towers throughout the galaxy.  Although these towers look rickety, they're amazingly strong.  You watch as one of the Yasuragi soldiers slides down the ladder.  You ask outloud why a galaxy of apparently Eternal peace would have an army.  Suddenly, you jump as a hand lands on your shoulder.
   "Hello, Stranger.  I'm Neena, a resident weapon maker of this side of the Kingdom.  Since there's a festival going on, I don't have to work today.  How about I show you around?"

     You say nothing and begin to follow her, examining everything around you as she talks. "Back about three thousand years ago, Mariko and Kaida--a couple sister sorceresses--got together and conspired to steal the ancient Armstice Crystal, the energy source of the Yasuragi Galaxy.  They failed many times due to the devoted protectors of the crystal.  A third sister, Toki,  came into the picture, and things went downhill for Yasuragi.  With the help of her sisters, Toki placed a strong curse upon the entire galaxy!  For the next thousand years, it was nothing but a galactic cival war."
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