After days of travel, you reach a extraordinary palace decorated for seems to be a festival.  You ask a few of the residents of the area about the goings on and they inform you of the return of a Prince and Princess.  They urge you to go to the palace to meet the royal duo.  You decide to venture on and are greeted by a lady in a marvelous blue and silver swirled gown.  A flowery tiara centered by a silver peace sign tops locks of indigo hair.  Her pale violet eyes are warm and friendly. In her hand is a silver staff containing a rotating eye-shaped, silverish blue crystal.  You bow to her instinctively.

     "Greetings, humble traveler.  I am Princess Tranquility, advisor to the Lunar Royal family and ruler of planet Amity of the Yasuragi Galaxy.  I am also the one and only
Sailor Amity.  I do hope your trip here was a safe one."

     She invites you to follow her, which you do out of curiousity about this fair creature.  She motions to everything around you as she speaks, "At one time this was but a cloud of space dust, symbolizing the destruction left in ChaosGalaxia's wake.  After years of research and exploration, and a little help from Eia Pral, I was able to resurrect the fallen galaxy and with it brought the planet Amity back to its former glory.  At this time, a good part of the galaxy isn't inhabited yet.  But, with good faith, maybe Yasuragi will be completely restored.

     "I am well aware that there are numberous Sailor Senshi currently left without a place to call home.  With this being said, I invite all who wish to participate to join my glorious Galaxy.  There are more than enough currently unnamed planets to go around, and I encourage anyone good of mind and body to find one of these and make it their own." ^_^
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