Ricky Martin began his entertainment career in the Latin teen pop sensation Menudo. When he left Menudo, he took one year off performing. This was time for himself. He moved to Mexico and began his career in theatre and television. He performed with the pop group Munecos de Papal which was on Mexican TV only once. He then released his first solo album titled Ricky Martin.

In 1993, He released his second album - Me Amaras; which in some respects was better than his first.

Then Ricky joined the cast of Americas favourite soap, General Hospital (Screened on USAs ABC, Channel 10 Australia has the rights to it but won't show it anymore!). There, he played the part of Miguel, a former pop star who left Pueto Rico due to lost love. He began as a bartender and then made it big by producing a record with L&B Records.

His lost love came back to see him and then, they began their relationship. Lily, the lost love, wanted children. Miguel was not ready for children and because she was a bitch, she left Miguel. At that time, Sonny and Brenda were having problems, and because Lily was on the rebound, she went with Sonny. Brenda and Miguel got jealous and then they got together to make Lily and Sonny jealous. Their plan backfired and Sonny and Lily got married. (I don't know what happened after that, I became too busy with TAFE-college etc...).

Anyway, ABC showed off Ricky and his music during his recording sessions and live performances, including a performance for Stone at the Port Charles GH AIDS Benefit. Rickys latest CD, A Medio Vivir was released last year and is his best ever.

Ricky debut on the Broadway musical Les Miserables. He made a pilot for a TV station called Bare Foot In Paradise which never made it onto the air. Ricky is currently making his English version of his next album, however he has released his current album in the USA. The Australian version is actually different from the US because "Maria" is on the new album instead of A Medio Vivir.

He has performed for the Olympic album Voces Unidas (Released through Latin EMI - check out this album - it has great Latin songs! (Get it through ABCDs - RRP: US$14.50)

Ricky Martin has gained international momentum. Even here, Maria finally made it two years after it was released. Ricky was in Australia on his tour and left his mark. He appeared on Hey Hey it's Saturday on June 6. He performed a song on the show. He was to appear on The Midday Show, however he was sick and didn't turn up.

He then went on to do the World Cup opening in France which made him an absolute success! Ricky's career is gaining momentum, and gaining new fans along the way making him a big success. He already came back for concert tours in Australia and plans to come back in the future!

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