Hi all to those that has found my webpage. Please take a moment or two and look around and see what I have. I have a bunch of stuff on here and as you can see I am just now learning to do html and other things. You will find pages of me, to know all about me, photos, my family and friends, etc. Please enjoy and dont forget to sign the guestbook when you are done!! thanks. p.s. the above image with my name on it was made from one of my friends when I joined a group. I have been joining alot of groups lately and if you happen to see anything on here that you have made for me to those that went to visit my webpage I wanna thank you so very much for making my pictures for me.Onced again some of these pictures and websets were not done by me I wanna thank the ones for letting me use their sets. To see the person that has made these sets all you gotta to is click the button way down at the bottom of each page that says graphic made by and it will take you to their homepage
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