The X-Files University General XF Studies Student and Faculty Directory

This is a list of all XFU students and faculty involved with the School of General X-Files Studies.

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Current Students

Dougherty, R. E.
Thesis topic: "How The X-Files and other televission programs infuence one's everyday life."

Fecko, Lisa
Thesis topic: "Mulder and Scully's beliefs have become increasingly similar throughout the show from season one to season six."

Lamond, Adrienne
Thesis topic: "Study of opinions on 'The X-Files'."

Lashier, Jonathan
Thesis topic: "The character personalities of Mulder and Scully and how they've evolved over the years."

Locke, Anna
Thesis topic: "The impact 'The X-Files' has had on today's population and what this is saying about today's society; why are they attracted to 'The X-Files' so much?"

Thesis topic: "Invasion of Pop Culture: Society and The X-Files."

Ramey, Patti
Thesis topic: "An in depth look at the epsiodes 'Never Again', 'Avatar', and 'Genderbender' and their stance on sexuality in the characters of The X-Files and in society."

Reile, Rainer
Thesis topic: "The episode 'The Field Where I Died'"

Thesis topic: "A narrative summary of the entire X-Files timeline to this point."



Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Thesis: The Similarities Between The X-Files And The Avengers
Date of Graduation: June 5, 1999


Evry, Craig
Degree: Bachelor of Arts
Thesis: The X-Files and how the mythology of the show is linked to genuine conspiracy theories
Date of Graduation: December 23, 1999



Danielle, Movie Studies Department Head

Rebecca, Dean of General Studies and XFU Vice President

Kate, Episode Studies Department Head

Neicee, Assistant Dean


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