Jareth and Toby

Did Jareth control the Labyrinth or did the Labyrinth control Jareth? Where did he get his magic and power from? Why did he seem so unhappy about being a Goblin King? Who is really the master of this unusual world?

This "debate" was compiled from various labyrinth List members while I was on the message board from 1996-1999. So yes this page is old but I think the quotes still apply. All the names are Listian names from the message board at that time. Email me if you have more to add. Ask no more questions. Onward!

The debate continues, for there are still many good questions worth answering.
Through fanfic and critical analysis over the years (Does anyone remember who wrote that peanut butter and jelly sandwich fic?) none have quite found the answer. Did Jareth Learn a lesson or will he ever learn? Some of us think he might have come after Toby after he had grown into an impressionable young tween. What do you think? The following are all comments from folks from the labyrinth List, recent and not. (All of my comments are in purple. I hope that isn't too garish.)

List Member: Michelle L. (Born Jarethian):

"Jareth definitely controls that Labyrinth. He had the will and power to change it, reorder time, make life a living hell for Sarah and all that. Jareth was the creator and ruler of Labyrinth and someone who rules a place has a justifiable amount of control over it."

Ok, tis me Cheshire again with a case-in point, or the many ways Jareth appears to be able to manipulate the powers of the Labyrinth. Were these powers his own to use inside and outside the Labyrinth or was the Labyrinth solely his creation that he made with his own power? After all he did ask Sara "How do you like My labyrinth?"

2006 update Another thought: now that we have seen what Criss Angel the Mindfreak can do with his manipulation of the "universal energy" around us. Can it be that this is how Jareth can use his powers outside the Labyrinth? Or does it really matter? Can he use his powers anywhere he pleases with no issues other than how much energy it takes him to conjure a spell?

List Member: Rhianian:

(Magic Peaches) As far as where they would grow. I think it did not. I think he changed one of his crystal balls into it. (it certainly looked that way) In other words I think it was not a real peach at all.

This is, of course, refering to the peach that Sara recieved from a reluctant Hoggle. Another example of Jareth's "control." Was it a real peach? No, it was conjured from a crystal and enchanted, but I must clarify the fact that yes real peaches do grow on peach trees in the Labyrinth! I lived in a peach tree there! Weech (the goblin cook) uses my peach peels for her cuisine. But anyway..

List Member: Stormlight:

Considering what it (the magic peach that sent her into the ballroom)did to her, I think it was created by his magic.. Spelled to put her under enchantment. Who can resist a big, juicy peach, especially one that's sending out subliminal messages saying how much you HAVE to have it or you'd starve and to go ahead! Take a bite! It won't hurt you! Reminds me of Snow White's apple, actually. She bit it and was put into an enchanted sleep until Prince Charming came along and woke her up again. Maybe that's also why they used a peach. The womanhood thing's a good idea. But maybe they didn't use the apple 'cause it's been done to death already.

This idea was also posed on the labyrinth list: The Goblin King may only enjoy using his powers on someone where his trickery would cause the most sorrow to the person who said the words. (Update Jan. 2008) Also, on the issue of apples versus peaches, the peach through time has been considered a more sensual fruit (no that's not kid friendly but it is true) so there you go with the issue of whether it was love or just fascination with Sarah. That really isn't discussed here but it still makes me wonder why that 80's song "Under the Milky Way" mentions "loveless fascination" and "Something shimmering and white" among other things.

List Member: Xarael called Jalen:

"Or at least what would provide him with the greatest amount of amusement....what fun is it to take away something and get no emotional response except gratitude? Or, as it would apply to some of us, what fun is it to give someone exactly what they want - a chance to run through the Labyrinth? Although that could promise some capital amusement, assuming he played it off correctly....which I'm sure he could manage, being the master of trickery and illusions and all that..."

2006 thought: Well Jareth DID appear to be bored didn't he. Imagine finding someone to play with! And a young girl as well. So one could speculate that he was, perhaps, attracted to her in some strange way. None of the creatures in the Labyrinth seemed to have seen anyone there in a long time at least not from their reactions, especially the doorknockers. So yes I do agree Jareth must have been amused. Such a pity.

So the question remains. Did Jareth create the Labyrinth or was he placed there and given power by some unknown force or person? Was it a punishment or some kind of sentence? I really do not think so because he seemed to have too many powers for that to be true. After all he did say it was "his" labyrinth. Either way, where did he come from? Have a thought? Email me.

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