The Nether-World Society of Chandler Arizona

Updated as of 4/07/05

Welcome to the Nether-World Society of Chandler, Arizona

Heres a question you may want to ask yourself, How do you feel about researching all types of things from Ritual to Mythos to Archaeology?, you see at the NWS we have four main focuses.

These are:

1)Research (On ALL subjects within the realm of Archaeology and Magick, if you have the will, we will find the way.)

2) Magick (From classes on standard spells to full ritual)

3) Paranormal (Investigations to some known locations, and some unknown locations in Az)

4) The Inner Group (Our leadership)

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Our group works through meeting in person, and by discussions over the Internet, If you'd like to take a look, sign up!

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