Church St.: Tour of Vienna near W&OD

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W&OD Mile 11.9.

Freeman House Museum, built 1859, photo c. 1864
Boulton Store
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  1. The present meeting hall for the Knights of Columbus was built in 1868 to serve Vienna's black community as both church and school. The First Baptist Church, which expanded into a new building on Orchard Street in 1958, was the first church of any kind in Vienna.
  2. demolished
  3. 137 Church St. "Arts and Antiques" Vienna's Methodist Congregation was first organized in 1890. Before moving to their present location at Ware and Spring Streets, they met here.
  4. 144 Church St. Was the town's post office before the present one was constructed.
  5. 131 Church St. "Guaranteed Shoes" and "Ach Kian Goldsmiths." A family in the mortuary business owned this house. c. 1890
  6. demolished
  7. demolished
  8. 113 Church St. The building which now houses Worthington's Gift Shop and another shop has a peculiar roof line which hints at its original use as Vienna's fire station from 1929 to 1958, when it moved to the present facility on Center Street.
  9. demolished
  10. 131 Center St. The C&P telephone exchange was located in this building.
  11. demolished
  12. demolished
  13. The building housing two small shops once housed the Vienna National Trust, the oldest bank in Vienna, established in 1920 and moved in 1922 to the brick building on the corner of Dominion Road.
  14. Corner of Dominion and Church Streets. Now "Posh Interiors," this was First American Bank, originally Vienna National Trust, was built in 1922 and was the first brick building on Church Street.
  15. omitted
  16. omitted
  17. W&OD Train Depot.
  18. Freeman House. Open to the public, weekend afternoons, except January and February. Owned and operated by Historic Vienna, Inc.
  19. Caboose. Open to the public some weekend afternoons, mostly in Summer. Operated by Vienna Optimists.
  20. Town Library, 1897, moved here in 1970 from its original location on Maple Ave. Open to the public, one afternoon per month.
  21. omitted
  22. First Presbyterian Church, 1874.
  23. Boulton Store, 1896.
  24. omitted
  25. omitted
  26. omitted
  27. This residence was built in 1917.
  28. 1894. Shackleford House was joined to another house built in 1874. 135 Park Street.
  29. omitted
  30. Joseph Berry House, 1894-6. 200 Church Street.


This is under construction. Based on "A Guided Walk on Historic Church Street," by Historic Vienna, Inc.

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