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Sterling, a neighborhood in Loudoun County

a proposal to close the crossing of Ruritan Circle to cars

Mile 23.6 at Church Road -- Methodist Church, Church Road at trail. 1897. Congregation moved out in 1936. Purchased by nursery. visible from trail.

Mile 23.7 Ruritan Circle -- Old School House, 1000 Ruritan Circle. 1880. A two-room school house, which once had forty students with no running water. School closed in 1947. Now occupied by antique store. north along Ruritan Circle 200 yards.

Mile 23.7 at Ruritan Circle -- Guilford Congregation (Baptist), Ruritan Circle. 1882. Gothic revival style. Church still active. north along Ruritan Circle 200 yards.

Mile 23.8 at Ruritan Road -- Summer White House of 1859 (site), 103 Ruritan Road. A vacant lot today used for parking excavation equipment. visible from trail.

Mile 23.9 at Ruritan Road -- 108 Ruritan Road. c. 1900-1910. White victorian with red roof. visible from trail.

Mile 26 at Smiths Switch Road -- abandoned stone farmhouse

Ashburn, a neighborhood in Loudoun County

A walking tour of Ashburn, the village.

Town of Leesburg in Loudoun County

dozens of old houses in Leesburg.

Mile 34.7 at So. King Street -- Thomas Birkby House, 109 Loudoun St. SW. North on S. King two blocks, left on Loudoun.

Mile 34.7 at So. King Street -- Harrison House, 200 N. King. North on S. King four blocks.

Mile 34.7 at So. King Street -- Laurel Brigade Inn, 20 W. Market St. North on
Laurel Brigade Inn, Mile 34.7  
S. King three blocks, left.
By the 1820s the earliest part of the present stone structure had been built, and under the ownership of Henry and Eleanor Peers was described as "a tavern, the finest in Leesburg." In 1854 it began almost one hundred years of service as a private residence. After extensive restoration and refurbishing, the Laurel Brigade Inn opened its doors to guests in the fall of 1949. In 2003, it was purchased by a lawyer, who plans to turn it into law offices.

Mile 34.7 at So. King Street -- c. 1870-1890. The row of houses on the west side of the street represent the vernacular style. Waverly, 212 S. King, 1890 is on the National Register of Historic Places. A retired businessman from Baltimore built this house, sparing no expense. It is a Queen Anne Victorian with some colonial revival, too. Today it is the center of a townhouse development. South on S. King two hundred yards, sidewalk on right side of street.

Hamilton, a town in Loudoun County

A walking tour of Hamilton.
Mile 38 Minor Bartlow House c. 1785 Built by Minor Bartlow for Blackstone Janney, this brick and fieldstone house was restored in 1963. Smokehouse, springhouse and barn.directions not available at this time

Lincoln, a village in Loudoun County

Mile 44.0 Oakland Green (above), c. 1730. The only known example of a Virginia house that has evolved from an original log patent house into a building of three materials -- the log house, a two-story stone house, built around 1740, and a brick addition, built in 1790. Now a bed-and-breakfast. Built by a Quaker. Formerly a station on the underground railroad.Directions not available

Mile 44.0 Jacob Janney House, c. 1740. A one-and-a-half story house of typical Quaker design. .Directions not available

Mile 44.0 The Glebe of Shelburne Parish late 1700's. A glebe is a house used by an minister, in this case, an Episcopal minister. One of the few brick buildings in Loudoun Co. laid in Flemish bond on both sides and both gable ends. Has a molded brick water table which runs across the south side of the main section. Directions not available

Mile 44.0 Creek Crossing, 1773. Built by Quakers, a former station on the underground railroad, now a bed-and-breakfast. Directions not available

Town of Purcellville in Loudoun County

A walking tour of Purcellville.

Tour of Historic Houses in Purcellville, usually in Oct.
Mile 44.8 at Hatcher Lane -- Purcell's Home, Corner of Hatcher and "The Pike" c. 1790, Purcell's Store and Post Office 1822 and Purcell's Hotel c. 1840. This cluster of buildings is the heart of historic Purcellville. South on Hatcher Avenue one block to junction with "The Pike."

The following two houses are described in more detail elsewhere in this site.

Mile 45 at 21st Street North -- Dillon House 1795. James Dillon was a miller, and this was his second house. At end of trail, north on 21st Street one-sixth mile, house on right.

Mile 45 at 21st Street North -- Rich Bottom Farm, 16860 Hillsboro Rd. National Register of Historic Places. 1.5 mi. N of Purcellville. At end of trail, north on 21st North, which becomes Hillsboro Road.

Mile 45 Copeland Homestead. 1765. The one-story section is the older; the newer two-story section was built in 1803. Directions not available.

Mile 45 in Round Hill, old houses on Loudoun Street, on New Cut Road and on Main Street. Three miles. At end of trail, north on 21st North, which becomes Hillsboro Road; left on Route 711. At T-intersection at end of 711, turn left. This route is a little longer than taking Business Virginia Route 7, but it is a lot safer. That is, until they extend the trail to Round Hill ;-)

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