Walking Tour, Falls Church, Off the W&OD

All properties below are private except #312 Park Ave. It is open to the public Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. through October. North is at the bottom of this map. On map above, North is at bottom.

Cherry Hill Farmhouse, #312 Park Ave, open to the public, Saturdays, late Spring, Summer and early Fall, 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., free.

Green Gables, #313 Lincoln Ave.
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Cherry Hill Farmhouse photos from the Historic American Buildings Survey

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W&OD Mile 5.9 starting at Little Falls Street, immediately behind the Masonic Temple -- 407 Little Falls Street. 1894 Until 1936, a private school on the first floor. Has its own unused well. ascend Little Falls Street; visible from trail.

Crossman House, 345 Little Falls Street, corner of Shadow Walk. This house does not appear on the map, a mistake. The older half dates from 1865-1870. It is really two houses joined as one. It was moved two blocks in 1983. Historic American Buildings Survey

Shadow Lawn, 335 Little Falls Street. c. 1865-1878. From the 1920's to 1980, a sanitorium. It once had fifty-two rooms and numerous bathrooms and many interior stairways. Today it has over two miles of electrical wiring, of which all is new.

The Evergreens, 325 Little Falls Street. c. 1870 Has eyebrow windows in attic. A former summer boarding house, it had a smaller house in the back for dances. One of 24 second-highest rating in 1980 survey.

324 Little Falls Street 1880 at right angles to street. One of 24 earning second-highest rating in 1980 survey. Modified by large addition. In the smaller, old portion next to the street, is a Italian marble mantle and fireplace.

315 Little Falls St. -- not the house but the elm tree in the front yard and overhanging the sidewalk: notice three plaques on tree.

313 Little Falls street 1895Not as historic as some of its neighbors, earning only the lowest category in a 1980 survey, but it won an award for house improvements.

Erwin House, 300 Great Falls Street 1893 most opulent of late Victorian houses in Falls Church, including some Queen Anne forms on exterior. Two projecting balconies. One of 24 second-highest rating in 1980 survey. Small barn housed delivery horses for bakery. A picture of this house from the Historic American Buildings Survey in 1967.

400 Great Falls Street 1850's.

401 Great Falls Street 1909 now owned by the City of Falls Church.

Cherry Hill Farmhouse, 1845, open for tours, Saturdays from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m., through October, no charge. An upper-middle class house with outbuildings which once was the center of a farm. Tour is free.

DePutron House, 508 Lincoln Ave.

at Great Falls Street -- DePutron House, 508 Lincoln Avenue. 1893 Two story, red brick Victorian, one of the most attractive houses in Falls Church. The brick in the arches over the windows exhibit great skill in workmanship, as does the woodwork in the porch.
Bonnie Briar, 512 Walden Court.


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