Old Houses in Falls Church by the W&OD

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Falls Church home tour, first weekend in October

This windmill once pumped water into a tank in the attic of this house. It was the last standing windmill in Falls Church.  
A windstorm bent the windmill in March. Two blocks off trail.  

City of Falls Church

A guided
tour, with map, is available for the half-dozen houses, below.

Mile 5.9 at Little Falls Street -- 407 Little Falls Street. 1894 Until 1936, a private school on the first floor. Has its own unused well. ascend Little Falls Street; visible from trail.

Mile 5.9 at Little Falls Street -- The Evergreens, 325 Little Falls Street. c. 1870 Has eyebrow windows in attic. A former summer boarding house, it had a smaller house in the back for dances. ascend Little Falls Street one block.

Mile 5.9 at Little Falls Street -- Shadow Lawn, 335 Little Falls Street. c. 1865-1878. From the 1920's to 1980, a sanitorium. Today it has fifty-two rooms and numerous bathrooms and many interior stairways. ascend Little Falls Street one block.

Mile 6.5 at Great Falls Street -- DePutron House, 508 Lincoln Avenue. 1893
DePutron House, Mile 6.2  
Two story, red brick Victorian, one of the most attractive houses in Falls Church. The brick in the arches over the windows exhibit great skill in workmanship, as does the woodwork in the porch. north one-half block on Great Falls Street, right 100 yards on Lincoln Avenue.

Mile 6.6 Gravel trail to Lee Street -- Woodland House, 610 Fulton Avenue 1890. This gabled, two-story Victorian once had its own flag stop, "Rothsay," on the railroad. Lee Street is accessible only from the gravel path, and not from the asphalt trail. One block on Lee to Fulton.

Mile 6.7 at N. Oak Street -- Graham House, 305 N. Oak Street 1891.
Graham House, Mile 6.7 Photo credit: Bill Graham  
Like its neighbor at 303 N. Oak, this is a clapboard house with a gable roof.Visible from trail.

Mile 6.7 at N. Oak Street -- 303 N. Oak, c. 1890. Octangonal music room with decorative corner fireplace and bay window. Dining room with mouldings and living room with marble fireplace. Porch. Stained glass window. Has addition built in 2001. Four bedrooms, four baths.

Mile 7.0 at West Street -- Rust/Bonnell/Douglas House, 201 N. West Street, 1907. Two and one-half story clapboard house, built by Captain Rust, a conductor on the railroad. At this house, a competing trolley line converged with the W&OD. Concrete steps still connect the house with the old trolley road bed. Three-story water tower in back. Smaller outbuilding generated gas for lights. Visible from trail between Grove and West Streets.

Mile 7.6 at Fowler Street -- Hertz/Kaye House/Woodbrook, 1011 Fowler Street. 1890 This house has many interesting features, including a water tank in the attic. A windmill pumped water to the tank. This house has the only remaining windmill in Falls Church. In the 1940's, Nelson Rockefeller stayed at this house, where he chopped wood for exercise. Barn in back.

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