Guided Tour Of Barcroft On W&OD

W&OD Mile 2.

Barcroft began life in 1903 as a commuter suburb of Washington. Recently it has undergone a revival. On its fringes are a large number of apartments.

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  Dunn Loring
  Round Hill
  Sears (Kit) Houses (Including one in Barcroft)

More Links About Barcroft

Barcroft Citizens Organization, a great web site.

  1. 4838 9th St. S.
  2. 902 Buchanon St. S, 1892 Queen Anne style Victorian.
  3. 831 Buchanon St. S
  4. 4712 8th Rd. S
  5. 4713 8th Rd. S
  6. 809 Buchanon St. S.
  7. Barcroft Community Center, Former Methodist Church, 1908
  8. 4812 8th St. S. -- Gothic Revival Style, c. 1896-9
  9. 634 Buchanon St. S
  10. 4609 8th St. S
  11. 632 Wakefield St. S
  12. 701 Wakefield St S
  13. 4516 8th St. S., Sears house (?) (Crescent model), c. 1926 Please respect the rights of property owners by never trespassing
  14. 4508 8th St. S, Yellow framed farmhouse, c. 1910


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