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There are many links to Star Trek on the web - below are some of the best ones that I have found... as well as two further pages I have done, which are my favourite (for the next five minutes anyway!) stories from the original Star Trek series and from Star Trek: The Next Generation:

My favourite Original series episodeOriginal series

Next GenerationMy favourite Next Generation episode

Official site

The official site... very graphics intensive

You can also link directly into the Starfleet Lounge chat page which is run by the continuum by clicking here

Images & Sounds

Many, many sounds & pictures

Many of the pictures on my site have been taken from this massive site of sound and image files - covers all of the television series & films. One of the best sites.

Many photos

A massive site of not just photos but sounds and other multimedia stuff as well. Another excellent site.


Admiral's Star Trek Universe - contains news, images, postcards and more

Star Trek Gallery

Lots of images on this site also

More Links this way

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