I will put the Werewolf term first and then the eqivalent of it
   that will be the Weretiger term

Weretiger Terms

Lokoi = Na-hsi (Of Yumman province in China who
                          have descended from Tigers)

= Raja Yah (Malaysia, as the mystical King of
Lupa = Durga (India Goddes, more properly known as
                         Mahadevi - is shown riding upon a Tiger
                         - sometimes a lion - as she fights
                         Mahisha and overcomes. From then on
                         was deferred to by the Gods, in matters
                         of battle)

Freki = Bali (Indis. He can be a kindhearted god who is
                     merciful and generous, but he can also be
                     most severe god as well, ruinous and                                  deadly. One of his characteristics is to
                     provide comfort and support to the outcast
                     of society)
Geri = Vagha (Full name Vaghadera. India God, who is
                       Guardian of the forest)

Hati & Skoll = Amba & Hu-Lin (Two different names
                                    for the same person. In Russia the
                                    Siberian or Amur Tiger is known
                                    for both God and Devil. Is
                                    considered a God and is believed
                                    to be the very spirit of Taiga and
                                    Guardian of the forests and

Bolverk = Shiva (Hinduism, a God. The destroyer, is
                            depicted wearing a tiger skin and riding
                            a tiger)

Ferniri = Kami (Male or Female. You may have noticed
                          that many Japanese gods have
                          hyphenated names containing the word
                          Kami. Kami is a concept. The word
                          denotes a specific manifestation of
                          divinity as related to things and
                          phenomena in the natural world.)

= Bhutas (Male or Female. Isn't a "Who's That?"
                            but a "What Are They?" They were the
                            ghosts of burial grounds.)

Vargamor = Mun-Bae (Korea, Tiger companion to Wise
                                     Old Sage. The tiger was known as
                                     the 'Mountain Spirit')
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