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10/22/06 - Been Soooo Busy with the House & Stuff. Haven't had time/money for cars.
10/28/05 - Went to Lebanon Valley Dragway. Ran my 13 sec! good time!!
1/25/04 - Finally an Update! Updates TA pictures Gallery. Alot more to come. 2000 TA.
4/19/03 - Got GMPP Clutch Installed on the 2000 TA. Big Difference.
9/6/02 - Dyno'd the 2000 TA.
HP-322.4 @5300 TRQ- 330.5 @ 4300 at the Rear Wheels!

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73 & 2000 TAs
RW-HP: 322   RW-TRQ: 330
Dyno Sheet
RW-HP: 321   RW-TRQ: 432
Dyno Sheet

Drag Day Pics TA
New Corsa Exhaust for 2000 TA
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