The Story
  This story is my original creation, hope to maybe get fans randomly (now actually possible now that I'm on Yahoo...) and of course I know there's a few friends who want to see it and check it regularly. 

   Alright, this little pet project is so much fun for me, it's become my most time-consuming hobby (next to FFVII =P)  Now, I'm in the process of adding things that are basically encyclopedia information for the time being.  The FULL versions will be added soon, but I never progress past what I've posted in the story, so you're reading mostly background info for now.  I'll continue to add up pics hopefully, general improvements, but don't expect TOO much past a text-site, but it'll still be colorful.

   This is a first draft of my first real writing piece, so please take that into consideration when you tell me how bad it sucks =P.  The scenery and storyline are more fantasy (of the medieval era now) but language, and a good portion of character interaction, are more recognizable from anime (like say Yu-yu or Rurouni).  And I know it will be difficult but it's through that fusion I hope to NOT fall into the stereotype category of "young boy leaves home, gets magic power, befriends a deadly animal, kills bad guy, becomes famous, buys playboy mansion"...well OK so Alexander never had one of those, but either way.  While it seems like a quest story now, it really is a war story more than anything.

    The Links are very self-explainitory.  Once again, any and all feedback is not only welcome but demanded.  I'm also looking for a title, but none I think of seem appropriate... Please sign the guestbook!  Thanks.

Ahem, update, my Micro Word has expired, and for some reason, I'm not being allowed to get it off the internet, and Unfortunately, I need a matching version, which is kind of sparse, so, until I find as such, I'm unable to open the story itself up, which means I've lost about 6 chapters (others than the ones on here), so, sorry if you actually care.
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