Whats New at the Hotel California

April 2001
Important note-my TIAC email adress is going to be removed.Please use vals.geo@yahoo.com

May and June 1998
You can now use http://www.geocities.com/~vals/ or the existing URL to get here

April 11, 1998
UPDATED- new winner of my award

March 6, 1998
The Hotel California won Geocities Page of the Day and Geocities A-List. Thank you for a wonderful honor

November 26, 1997
I was chosen to be a Community Leader for the Tropics!!! Thank you for the honor, I look forward to meeting some new friends. Please email me if you need help

November 16, 1997
NEW AWARD- The Orchid Award for Page Excellence from my friend Linda.
NEW PAGE-The "California Dreamin'" Award My award for outstanding webpages. Thanks to Debra Willard for the graphics!
NEW PAGES-Winners of my award

November 14, 1997
NEW PAGE-California Beaches
NEW PAGES-Visions of Yosemite-A tribute to Ansel Adams

November 11, 1997
UPDATED- Entire site cleanup-html, images, everything

November 8-9,1997
NEW PAGE-The California Wilderness
UPDATED-Welcome to the Hotel California
NEW PAGE-Awards this site has received
UPDATED-California Missions, California, Yosemite

October 13, 1997
UPDATED-ALL of the pages on this site. Just went through and checked all the links, cleaned up the html (of which there was some truly horrible html-forgive me) and misc. stuff but i think you will notice the change, please let me know what you think. Please note, I will no longer indicate it in this file when only minor change has occured on a page

Sept. 9,1997
NEW SITE Voyage to Atlantis about the ancient civilizations of the Americas.

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