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Wedding Bells are ringing!

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In order to share our happiness with the world, we agreed to create this web page.  Within our words, we hope that everyone can find the love and joy that we share.  Thank you for paying a visit, and we hope you are inspired and can feel the love we have for each other.

We first met on Yahoo Chat on November 17, 1998.  Fate smiled on us on the day we first encountered each other.  Barry had been going from room to room, just looking for someone to talk to.  He never noticed that Trish had said hello as he checked to see who was online.  He spotted her greeting as he left the room.  Being the gentleman that he is, he sent her a message apologizing for not replying to her greeting.  They chatted for awhile, and exchanged email addresses.  They added each other to their friends list on Pager.  They then went their separate ways, neither knowing what fate had in store for them.

Then one day, while logged in on Pager, Barry saw Trish's handle light up.  He sent her a hello.  They spent several hours engrossed in conversation.  From that day forward, their feelings for each other grew stronger.  Those warm feelings turned into a burning love, all consuming.  The more they talked, the deeper in love they became.

As their love blossomed, they realized that they could not spend the rest of their lives without each other.  On January 5th, 1999, at 6:15AM Eastern Standard Time, Trish received an email advising her of a virtual flower delivery.  Those virtual flowers would change their lives forever.  For the card carried the simple words,

"Will you marry me?"

Trish tearfully accepted.

Barry and Trish hope to wed on January 5, 2000.

Barry and Trish enjoyed our first meeting on March 5, 1999! It was a wonderful experience, and a great time for both of us! Click on the link below to view a few pictures of that glorious time.

Trish is a grandmother! Her oldest daughter gave birth to a bouncing baby boy on June 8th! Congrats to the new mother, father, and grandmother!

Barry will be leaving his little island paradise to return home on September 2nd! We're both looking forward to his homecoming!

Change in plans! Barry won't be coming home on Sept 2nd now. His boss felt that his presence was required longer on Gilligan's Island. Now he's returning on Sept 23rd.

New Info! Barry now has a CL Help Page. Take a look if you need help getting started!

Barry's flight reservations are confirmed! He will be arriving at the Ronald Reagan Airport, Washington, DC, at 7:11 pm on September 24th! FINALLY!!!

New Info! The long awaited day has come! Barry and Trish are happily together, getting ready to celebrate our first holiday season!!

We wish to express our gratitude for visiting us here today.  We hope you found joy in our happiness, and wish you all the best.  Please come back to visit, as we will post any new announcements on this page.

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