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We are happy to have you as our guest!  Wendy's Wonderland Disney Site has been neglected over the past few years, we have been around since 1998!  Wow, almost a decade!  This was my first website that I ever created!

I am now running a few businesses online, my main website is HostAPartyOnline.  It is a direct sales, home party plan directory.  We have companies like Tupperware, AVON, etc.  You can purchase products online instead of hosting a home show!  You can even join a company and make money from home.  Pretty neat!

I decided it was time to give my Disney themed site a little bit of a new look and add more Disney items like more Free Disney Fonts, Disney Clipart and Graphics, Disney Shopping, Disney Vacation information, more Disney Links, and some Disney Games!  I hope you enjoy the new additions!

Disneyland is one of my most favorite places to be.  I will be visiting again next year in 2007!  I am looking forward to seeing the new Pirates of the Caribbean ride with "Jack Sparrow" added and also the new Finding Nemo ride that is taking the place of the old submarine ride!  Should be a great time!

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