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Welcome to the Genealogy Research section of Moore Hope for the Future. You can see the sections on Public Policy Issues and the latest news feeds at my domain, where I will soon be offering CDs of scanned images of historic manuscripts for sale through my new business, Moore Digitized Documents Company. I will maintain this site as a resource for those who are researching their family histories, especially families with ties to southeastern Pennsylvania.

Besides trying to think up solutions to some long standing problems, and putting together a business, I have been extremely busy researching my ancestors. I have now combined my database with my cousin Larry Croll's. Between us, we now have over 37,500 names posted, and we are continuing to add to this. Our database has grown too large for this site, so I have moved it to another site.

This has been a major update to our database and I apologize to everyone for taking so long to finally post it. I am now in the process of completely revamping my web sites, and have now added a third site to house just the database itself. If you have any suggestions that will make my sites easier to navigate or use, please let me know and I will seriously consider them.

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I will soon also be totally revamping the genealogy section of Moore Hope for the Future. Here I will soon have updated Descendants' Reports for the oldest ancestors in Larry's and my direct lines. I also plan to include scanned images of the Carver-Moore Family Bible, as well as the Shelmire Bible, and photographs of some of our ancestors and other relatives.

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I have now moved the rest of my Web Rings to a separate page.

I have taken the links that I've had on a single page and have indexed them and placed them on different pages to make it easier to find things. I hope you will check out my links. I think some of them may be helpful to you. I have also set up some other interesting links on my other site that you may want to check out.

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I welcome your comments, both positive and negative.

I feel that honest criticism can only improve this site.

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You can also contact me through ICQ.

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I hope this page will always be under construction, because we can never have enough ideas for resolving our problems. Please sign my Guestbook and leave your thoughts, questions and information for others to read and comment on. Through this, you may be able to find that elusive link you have been searching for.

I have now changed Guestbooks, which I hope will make it easier for you to let me know what you think. Please take a moment to sign my new guestbook.


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